What do you use to transcribe music?

I use Musescore, Multiplayer Piano, Audacity, and my ears. The only difficult part is finding the right soundfonts for the accompanying instruments (as well finding a song I want to transcribe casually) when I upload sheet music files on Musescore and YouTube. Transcribing using the note by note method is easier for me as once I figure out the base note, it helps me break down what chord variations were used in more complex harmonies.

How long does it take you to transcribe sheet music?

Depending on the length of the song and the instruments used, it can vary from 1 hour to 2 days although I don’t set a time table. I put requests in a larger priority over just transcribing casually.

What type of music do you enjoy transcribing the most?

This might be a bit odd but soundtracks from video games, cartoons, anime and animated films with Kataware Doki from Kimi No Na Wa being a personal favorite. The reasoning for this preference is that the majority of soundtracks focus solely on the instruments used and the tracks are much more soothing/energetic than mainstream music.  Jazz and Lounge music being my favorite genres probably influenced that.

What differentiates you from other transcribing websites?

One thing for certain, I’ll offer you much cheaper prices in comparison cause I’m just doing this for your and my own satisfaction (their prices reach at least $50 for full transcriptions of songs that can easily be found in the form of MIDIs, Synthesia Files, Google Searches and Musescore). Jokes asides though, I don’t limit sheet music to one instrument like you’d see on other sites that offers “lead, vocal, and piano” scores. What you hear in a song, that’s what will be delivered to you for a fair price (except percussion; that’s more of having the right drum kit/VST/soundfont which is something I don’t prioritize on). Also, I casually upload transcriptions of music that haven’t been transcribed before on my YouTube Channel to authenticate my abilities.


Are you classically trained?

I’m somewhat versed in music theory although I specialize in hearing. Multiple ear training sessions daily to keep my ears sharp although my eye sight is terrible (kind of explains how I got relative pitch faster than expected).

Ear Training


Finding the notes hidden in music

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